There’s a caveat to what I’m about to say, there’s still a lot of time for things to fall apart, but the weather models have all started to agree that we’re going to be turning colder and snowier on the west coast.

I will be posting some further updates regarding snow and arctic air potentials over the coming weeks. The current general timeframe for Arctic air starting to trickle into BC and more specifically the south west coast of BC appears to be around the 19th of January. The coldest air has constantly been showing up for around the 25th of January at this time, but there’s still a long ways to go to get there.


You can see in the above photo the CFS weekly is showing a 5 day average of below normal temperatures, and the weeklies also show the below normal temperatures to continue into the first couple weeks of February at least. The PNA is also forecast to tank on most of the models. You can see in the image below.

Nothing is guaranteed, especially this far out, but there’s good reason for hope and optimism if you’re missing colder temperatures and more possibilities for snow in the Lower Mainland.


For the next week, we can expect wet conditions to persist with temperatures around 5-10C for Vancouver and the possibility to go below 0C as the PNA starts tanking for the following week.


Here’s a snapshot of the 5 day average 2m temps for the next week for North America.