my true love gave to me, fun tranquil weather! First let me explain what I’m doing in this first Christmas forecast. Just for fun, I will spend the next 14 days giving you a forecast for Christmas morning. I plan on creating broadbrush forecasts since I don’t have time to forecast specific locations. Since we are 348 hours in model time away from Christmas morning, I can only use certain models, because some models only go out 10 days. As soon as we get to the 15th, I can start using more models for the forecasts. 


500mb heights 

Actual surface temps

2m anomaly map

Southwest BC Cloud cover. Sorry I couldn’t show clouds for the rest of BC, it’s not available in the model.

The GFS model run above shows a ridge of high pressure anchored over BC. The lowermainland appears to have slightly above normal temperatures (relative to this time of year). Extreme southern Vancouver Island is warmer than normal, northern Vancouer Island is mostly normal to below normal, and parts of central vancouver island is warmer than normal, but dry. Northern BC is warmer than normal too, but you are dry.