We are finally within the 10 day period of Christmas morning, which means I can start using snowfall maps (as inaccurate as they may be this are out)! Unfortunately, it looks like we will have no chance of having a white Christmas this year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any snowfall maps to look at! 



I have lined up the columns of the CMC and the GFS. If you’re on a tablet or desktop device, the first column (or the first picture of each section) shows the actual air temperature forecast, and the temperature anomaly forecast. You can see in BC, the air temperature idea is fairly similar. For the temperature anomaly, the GFS has a much warmer looking temperature anomaly in BC as a whole, while the CMC the warm air anomaly is more discontinuous. The CMC model also suggests much of eastern BC should experience at least some snowfall within 24 hours of Christmas morning. The GFS snowfall map is just a big idea look for the whole 10 day period. You have to keep in mind it doesn’t take elevation into acocunt.

Summary: Parts of Eastern BC (and some northern sections of BC) will experience snow around Christmas morning, and the temperatures won’t be that cold compared to normal.