I’m so excited to create this post. This post represents the beginning of a long process. I know it’s not always the best to create news before you actually do it, but I will never create this post if I have to wait. Right now, this website is in the alpha stage of life in terms of usefulness. I’m going to keep creating forecast posts from time to time, but what I want to do is create a weather forecast service with a focus on BC… hence the name BCStorms. This doesn’t mean my posts won’t meander to other sections of the country or continent if something interesting is happening, but my focus will mainly be in BC.

My biggest passions are agriculture, weather, and programming. Having this set of passions allows me to have a unique ability to combine these passions, and focus on all of them. My goal is to create tools that will let farmers, everyday people, and climate enthusiasts in BC view climate¬† data in an easier to use format. There are so many tools already available, but nothing that I’m aware of focuses on BC. The starting point of this website will be to slowly ingest climate data from various public sources,¬† continue to design the website/make tools available as they are ready for testing.

The tools will continuously get better and more accurate as I go to school/study on my own over the years, and this will not be a project that is started and finished in one month. Eventually I would like automated forecasts being made, forecasts that include helpful data to farmers for different sections of the province, and maybe some helpful data for the changing climate at the same time. You will find my forecasts will focus on trends, and I hope to create visually (and textually) available graphics that focuses on trends. If you have any ideas/suggestions, I would welcome those too.